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9.9 m (32-feet) Service Boat NEW

9.9 m (32-feet) Service Boat NEW

This listing is for a 9.9 m (32-feet) Service Boat that was built in Turkey in 2017. It is made out of HDPE (High Denisity Polyurethane) plates while the covered parts of the boat are filled with Polyurethane foam for High Impact absorption.

Propulsion System Options:

  • Outboard Engine
  • Waterjet System

Location: Turkey

Price for Vessel with Outboard Engine: EURO 173,000

Price for Vessel with Waterjet System: EURO 182,000

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Technical Details

Principal Dimensions and Characteristics
  Year Built: 2017 (NEW)
  Hull Material:

HDPE (high density polyethylene) plates.Covered parts of the boat are filled with polyurethane foam

  Length Over All: 9.90 m 32.5 feet
  Beam: 3.2 m 10.5 feet
  Draft: 0.60 m 2 feet
Machinery and Propulsion
  Outboard Engine Option
    Make/Model: Yanmar / 6LYA-STP Series
    Power @ 3300 RPM: 272 kW 364 hp
    Displacement: 5.184 liters 1.34 gallons
    Bore x Stroke: 11 mm x 110 mm 0.43 in x 4.33 in
    Cylinders: 6 in line
    Combustion System: Direct Injection
    Aspiration: Turbocharged w/ Watercooled Turbine Housing
    Starting System: Electric Starting - 12 V / 2.5 kW
    Alternator: 12 V - 80 A
    Cooling System: Freshwater cooling by centrifugal freshwater pump and rubber impeller seawater pump
    Crankshaft Rotation: Counterclockwise viewed from stern
    Dryweight w/o Gear: 530 kg 1,168 lbs
    Engine Mounting Rubber Type Flexible Mounts
  Waterjet System Option
    Make/Model: Doen / DJ110
    Max. Rec. Power Continuous: 300 kW 400 hp
    Max. Rec. Power Sprint: 335 kW 450 hp
    Max. Rec. Impeller Speed: 3055 RPM
    Dry Weight:

175 kg

386 pounds
    Entrained Water: 30 kg 66 pounds
  Waterjet Impeller
    Diameter: 280 mm 11 inches
    Stages / Configuration: Single Stage - Axial Pump Construction
    Standard Rotation: Anti-clockwise (Looking forward from stern)
    Material: Cast CF8M Stainless Steel
  Waterjet Pump Assembly:
    Impeller Casing Material: Cast ASTM A356 Alum. Alloy with stainless steel liner
    Discharge Nozzle Material: Cast ASTM A356 Alum. Alloy
  Waterjet Steering System
    Description: Balanced Nozzle
    Operation: Inboard tiller actuation
    Steering Bowl / Nozzle Material: Cast ASTM A356 Aluminium Alloy
  Waterjet Reverse System
    Description: Split Duct Type – “High Thrust”
    Operation Hydraulic cylinder actuation
    Reverse Duct Material: Cast ASTM A356 Aluminium Alloy
  Waterjet Shaft Assembly
    Main Shaft Material: Stainless Steel Grade SAF 2205
    Rear Bearing: Water Lubricated Cutlass Bearing
    Main Bearing: Angular contact Thrust Bearing
    Lubrication: Grease
    Shaft Seal: Face type Mechanical Seal
    Coupling Flange: Spicer “1550” Series
    Shaft Angle:

Available in both 0 degree (DJ110Z) and 5 degree (DJ110)

  Waterjet Intake Body
    Material: Cast ASTM A356 Aluminium Alloy
    Inspection Opening: Outboard
    Intake Grate: Removable Stainless Steel Bars
Tank Capacities
  Fuel Tanks: 680 liters 180 gallons
Electrical Installations
  Accumulator Electrical Installations (2)
    Voltage: 12 V
    Charge Method: Rectifier
  Generator (1)
    Make/Model: Fischer / Panda
    Power: 4.5 kW 6 hp
Medical and Rescue Equipment
  2 x Lifebuoys (SOLAS sertifikalı)

8 person x Can jacket

  First aid kit and medicine
Navigation and Electronic Equipment
  1 remote control projector
  2 back projector
  SÄ°MRAD NSS 7 EVO2 screen
  SIMRAD 3G 24NM Radar scanner
  AIRMAR P319 Transducer
  NAVIONICS 43XG navigation Gps
  LOWRANCE LÄ°NK-5 transceiver
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