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211201-VW 1200 bhp Twin Screw Multicat, Sale or Charter

Built in 2009 in Netherlands this multicat has a Call Society and Notation of Bureau Veritas Special Service. The vessel is powered by 2 x Caterpillar C18 with total power of 1200 bhp. The cargo area is 95 m2 with a load capacity of 73 T. The deck crane is a Heila 140-3SL. 10 Tonnes, at 12.2m. The multicat has a Mampaey Quick Release towing hook. The bollard pull is 15 T. Deck equipment includes 50 Tonnes Split Drum Towing/ Anchor Handling Winch & 10 Tonnes Tugger Winch. Available for sale or charter. Location: UK Coast

Available for sale or charter
211005-VS 12-person High Speed Crew Boat

Aluminium hull, 1260 bhp high speed crew boat was built in 2012 in Netherlands. It has around 6500 running hours. Class is BV Fast Utility Sea Area 3. Main engines are 2 x Caterpillar C7 and main propulsion is 2x Ultrajet 340. Cruising speed is reported as 21 knots.Fuel capacity is 0.87 m3 with a range of 150 nm at max speed. Max deck load is 0.50 tonnes. The boat has space for transporting 12-person. Location: Persian Gulf

USD 477,000
(USD 477,000)
210914-BW NEW 76 HP, 25-foot Tug Boat/Dredge Tender w/ A-frame

Factory built in 2016 but never used. The vessel has 2 side pontoon that are bolt mounted on the side of the hull. The length of the vessel is 24-ft 10-in and width of 13-ft (including side pontoons). The XinHong / XHSJ20-374A-00 winch is hydraulic and has a capacity of 3000 lbs. It has a WP4C82-15 Deutz Diesel Engine Turbo. engine with 76 hp. Location: state of Washington, USA

USD 112,000
(USD 112,000)
210908-VN 800 hp Single Screw General Purpose Towing Tug

Single screw tug is powered by a NIIGATA 6MG 20 CX 800hp engine. The tug has a length of 23.90 m, a breadth of 7.0 m and depth of 3.0 m. The tug was built in 1985 in Japan.  Location: West Mediterranean Sea

EUR 240,000
(USD 266,667)
210907-VW 1000 hp Twin Screw Anchor Boat

Built in 1973 in Japan. The anchor boat is powered by 2 Yanmar 6M-UT (4-valve) engines with 500 hp each and has 2 set x Screw Propeller. The length of the boat is 22.59 m (74.11-ft), breadth is 8.0 m (26.25-ft and has a depth of 2.5 m (8.2-ft).  Location: West Mediterranean Sea

EUR 290,500
(USD 322,778)
210905-VO 5,460 hp, 210-foot DP2 Multipurpose Supply Vessel

Multipurpose Supply Vessel satisfies the general requirements of the deep water offshore industry. KONGSBERG SIMRAD dynamic positioning SDP 21 system allowing: Automatic tracking, dynamic positioning, automatic speed control, submarine (ROV) auto-tracking. The vessel has a deadweight of 2370 mt. Location: West Africa

USD 4,592,000
(USD 4,592,000)
210801-VO 1,700 hp Twin Screw Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV)

Twin Diesel Caterpillar c32 engines with 1,700 hp with a deck area of 340 m2 (34.6 x 9.81 m), GT of 624 and NT of 187. Cruising speed is 9 knots and towing speed of 4-6 knots with a bollard pull of 17 tons.. The vessel has a Link Belt Modela HSP-8040 Hydraulic Telescope Crane with a maximum extension of 35.9 m and a max load of 52,200 lbs. Location: Mexico

USD 975,000
(USD 975,000)
210707-VT 900 hp Twin Screw Pushboat (Towboat)

Powered by 2 x 12V71 Detroit engines with total of 900 hp. Engines have approx. 5000 work hours. Towboat has a length of 56-ft, width of 22-ft and depth of 8-ft. Fuel capacity is 9000 gallons. Boat is fully functional – engines ran smoother and quietly, tug neat and clean. Complete support equipment is included. Survey available. Location: state of Louisiana, USA

USD 295,000
(USD 295,000)
210202-VN 3,520 hp Twin Screw ASD Tug - 50T BP For Charter

Built in 1991 in the United Kingdom, this Twin Screw ASD Tud is powered by 2 x Ruston RK270M with total power of 3,520 hp. The tug Class Society and Notation is Lloyds Register +100 A1 Class. The propulsion system is ASD  Aquamaster  us 1251/27550 with a Tastram Type 20F bow thruster. The tug has a bollard pull of 50 tons and towing winches aft and forward Brattvaag B3/SL7 with braking capacities of 150 tons each.  Location: UK Coast

Available for charter
210201-VT 1912 kw (2564 hp) Twin Screw Inland Tow Boat and Barges

This listing includes a tow boat and 2 barges. See details for purchase options. The Tow Boat type is a pusher. It was built in 1969 in Germany. It is powered by 2 MAK 6 M20 (built 1998) with total power of 1912 kw. Both barges were built in 1977 in France. Both have a length of 76 m, width of 11.4 m and a max draft of 3.35 m. Tonnage is 2.272 for one barge and 2.268 for the second barge. Location: Northern Europe

See details for purchase options
201205-VW 1,200 hp Twin Screw "Multi-Cat" style Workboat

Multi-Cat style workboat is powered by 2 x Doosan L(V180TIH) engines with a total of 1200 hp. The workboat has a deck area of 116m2 and a deck capacity of 250 T. The deck crane is a 15 T EFFER 360 Marine Crane. JIB is 19.45 m (63.8-ft), 360 continuous slewing. The workboat is 28.50 m in length, 9.45m beam and a depth of 4.27m. It was built in 1967 and rebuilt in 2000.  Location: East Coast Scotland

Price on request
201014-VO 2,100 hp Single Screw Ocean Going Tug

Built in 1987 in Italy, this tug is recently out of drydock July 2020 with an IACS class (RINA). It is powered by a Wartsila F38A 1 x 1550KW – 840 RPM engine with controllable pitch propeller in Kort steering nozzle. Bollard Pull is 39 tons. Maximum speed is 13 knots and cruising speed is 10 knots. Location: Middle East

Available for charter
200918-VW 26.6 m Survey and Salvage Boat

Class is currently MCA Cat 2 60 nm Offshore but could be changed to Cat1, up to 150 nm offshore. It is equipped with bow thrusters. It has a reverse osmosis plant, full catering facilities and a full compliment of electronics equipment including Inmarsat. On deck it has a HIAB, survey winch A-Frame and diving platform. It can be complimented with its own Pac22 Halmatic Rib. This Vessel can sleep 10 and has a max POB of 16 personnel. Full life saving equipment compliant with mca. Location: Europe

EUR 321,000
(USD 356,667)
200912-VN 3520 hp Controlled Pitch Propulsion Tug

Powered by 2 x Ruston 8RK3CM with 3520hp, this controlled pitch tug has a bollard pull of 51.3T, braking capacity of 70T, 2 x Clyde Tow Hooks and a 10T Tugger Winch. The tug is 35m in length, a breadth of 9.80 m and depth of 4.90 m. The Class Society and Notation is RINA C Tug Special International and has a navigation area of 200 nm offshore. Location: North Europe

Available for charter
200908-VN 1650 hp Single Screw Fixed Pitch Propulsion Towing Tug

Built in 1966 in Denmark, this single screw fixed pitch tug has total 1650 hp with max speed of 10.5 knots. Deck equipment includes a Towimor towing winch, brake force 920 kN, drum capacity of 600 m dia 36 mm and a 30 tons towing hook. The tug's bollard pull is 22.5 tons. The tug length is 28.5 m (93.5-ft), breadth of 8.0 m (26.3-ft) and draft of 3.9 m (12.8-ft). Class Society and Notation is PRS - KM TUG I L2 A1+A2. Also available for charter. Location: North Europe

EUR 212,000
(USD 235,556)
200820-VN 1870 kW (2508 hp) Twin Screw ASD Harbor Tug

Class Societyand Notation of Croatian Register of Shipping 90A2 4 (coastal service) Tug. The tug is 32.11 m in length and has a beam of 8.8 m. It is powered by 2×Niigata (6L25CXE) engines. Main propulsions is ASD. Bollard pull ahead is 40 MT and astern is 35 MT.  Location: Black Sea

Available for charter
200819-VN 882 kW (1183 hp) Twin Screw Towing Tug Boat

Built in 1977, is powered by 6D-30/50-4-3 engines. Propulsion is 2 CCP in nozzles. Max speed is 11 knots.  Classification is Polish Register of Shipping KM Tug III (L1). Navigation is 20-miles or less offshore. Location: Black Sea

Available for charter
200812-VW 546 hp Twin Screw Workboat w/ A-frame Hoist

Multicat workboat built in 2014 in Egypt. Class BV Coastal 20 nm offshore. Powered by 2 x Caterpillar 3406 6 cyl with total power of 546 hp. The workboat is 24.0 m in length and has a breadth of 8.0 m. Free deck space is 96 m2. It has an Hydraulic Crane with 4.5 tons capacity.  Location: East Mediterranean

USD 375,000
(USD 375,000)
200801-VW 1287 hp Twin Screw Multicat Workboat

Built in 2019 in the Netherlands this multicat workboat is classed a s BV unrestricted. It is powered by 2 x Rolls Royce US105 P6 with total power of 1287 hp (960 kW). The vessel has forward, aft and stern thrusters with total propulsion power of 2560 kW (3481 hp). It has a steel hull and is 33.18 m (109-ft) in length, has a breadth of 14.50 m (47.6-ft) and a depth of 3.85 m (12.6-ft). Its draft is 2.60 m (8.5-ft). Location UK Coast

Available for charter
200725-VO 2,200 hp Twin Screw Ocean Tug, Ice Class 1B

Powered by 2 x Cummins KTA38-M1, the tug has total power of 2200 hp (1640 kW) with a cruising speed of 11 knots. Main propulsion is twin screw fixed pitch propellers in fixed nozzles through reverse reduction gearboxes fitted with box coolers. Bowthruster has 150 hp (112 kW). Bollard Pull is 23 tonnes. The tug's Class Society and Notation is BV Unrestricted Ice Class IB.  Location: United Kingdom

GBP 2,570,000
(USD 3,134,146)
200715-VN 2640 bhp Twin Screw Tug

This tug has a bollard pull of 30.5 tons, a Hydraulic Double Drum Waterfall towing winch and a Mampay type 150/35 with manual quick release tow hook. It is powered by 2 x Deutz AG-KOELN engines with 2640bhp and has a cruising speed of 8.5 knots. The tug has a length of 31.0 m (101.7-ft), a breadth of 9.60 m (31.5-ft) and a depth of 4.60 m (15-ft). Built in 1976 in the Netherlands, the tug was last in drydock in 2019. Location: East Africa

Price on request
200714-VN 2210 bhp Twin Screw Tug

Built in 1982 and rebuilt in 2004 this vessel's last drydock was in 2019. It has a class of IRS ISE TUG IM. The vessel has a length of 23.97 m (78.7-ft) and breadth of 7.80 m (25.6-ft). It is powered by 2 x Deutz SBV 6M 628 with total power of 2210hp and has a cruising speed of 9 knots. Deck equipment includes a 9T Telescopic Deck Crane and an Atlas Knuckle Boom Crane.  Location: Europe

Price on request
200609-VA 2800 bhp Twin Screw Offshore Crew Boat

Built in 2001 in Italy, the crew boat was refurbished in 2013. It's Class Society and Notation is RINA Special Int. Passenger capacity is 50 persons including crew. Cargo deck surface is 67 m2 (80.1 yd2) with a load capacity of 30 t. The boat is powered by 2 x MAN 2862LE463 engines with 2800 bhp. Propulsion system is twin screw and has one bow thruster. Stern is fitted for platform boat landings. Excellent seaworthiness and stability is granted by double hull catamaran shape.  Location: East Mediterranean

EUR 1,080,000
(USD 1,200,000)
200509-VW 800hp Twin Screw Multicat Workboat

The Multicat is a conversion from a Ferry boat. Owners confirmed it’s been renewed 95%, including hull. Main engine reconditioned in 2020. Has 0 running hours. Navigation equipment is new. All furniture is new. Propellers and shafts are new. Deck cranes (Palfinger) are 2nd hand. Bow roller is new, 2.0 m width, diameter 800 mm - SWL 180 ton. Deck winch (Gürdesan) is new (40tonnes/m). Bow thruster is new, 1 x 90 kw. Location: East Mediterranean

USD 1,385,000
(USD 1,385,000)
200415-VW 600 hp Single Screw Work Boat/Tug

Class Society and Notation is DNV/GL A5 KE Fire Fighting. Built in 1976 and refit in 2019 has 600 hp and a Jastram Tunnel Thruster 700 kp. Maximum speed is 12 knots with cruising speed of 10 knots. The tug has a 15 ton capacity tow hook, a 3 ton capstan and a 10 ton stern A-frame. Location: Europe

EUR 650,000
(USD 722,222)
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