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200129-VA 860 bhp Twin Screw Work Boat

Currently laid up ashore under suspended class arrangement. Reported to be fully operational but needs class and code surveys to be able to operate when required. Special survey is due 12th April 2021. Rebuilt and re-engined 2010, UK. Location: United Kingdom

GBP 112,000
(USD 136,585)
200127-VO 2,800 bhp Twin Screw Ocean Going Towing Tug

This 2,800 bhp, 29 ton Twin Screw Ocean Going Towing Tug has 2 x Mitsubishi S12R-MPTK. The tug travels at an economical speed of 10 knots and a maximum speed of 12 knots. Endurance is approximately 35 days and the tug has accommodates 17 persons. All navigation systems are in good condition. The latest use of this boat was 2.5 years ago.  Location Far East Russia

Price available on request
200126-VO 3,200 bhp Twin Screw Ocean Going Towing Tug

The tug has accommodations for 15 persons and an endurance of 26 days. With 2 x Cummins KTA 50M2, the tug has combined 3,200 bhp. All navigation systems are in good condition. The latest use of this boat was 2.5 years ago. The tug is ready to go to work. GMDSS area – A1. Location: Far East Russia

Price available on request
200125-VO 3,200 bhp Twin Screw Ocean Going Towing Tug

All navigation systems in good condition. The latest use of this boat was 2.5 years ago. Ready to go to work. This Twin Screw Ocean Going Towing Tug has 2 x Cummins 6BT5.9D for total of 3200 bhp. The tug has max speed of 11 knots with an endurance of approximately 35 days. Accommodations are available for 12 persons. Location: Eastern Russia

Price available on request
200123-VS 10.7 m Pilot Boat

This 10.7 m Pilot Boat has 2 x TAMD 70C Volvo Penta engines for total power of 500 hp. The boat has speed up to 25 knots @2400 rpm. The boat was built in 1970 and has 10,000 hours of use.  Location: Portugal

EUR 85,000
(USD 94,444)
200122-VW 17 m, 471 kW Transport Vessel/Landing Craft

Powered by 2 GUASCOR engines, the transport vessel/landing craft has total power of 471 kW (631 hp) at 1800 rpm. The vessel is 17 m in length and 4.2 m breadth. It was built in 1982 and has been reconditioned. The vessel is reported to has 200 hours of use. Location: Portugal

EUR 145,000
(USD 161,111)
200121-VW 73.6 kW Utility Tug

Built in 1996 in the Netherlands, this tug has 1,000 hours of use. It has 73.6 kW @3000 RPM. It is 7340 mm in length and weights 5000 kg. Location: Portugal

EUR 65,000
(USD 72,222)
200120-VO 2200 bhp Single Screw Tug

Tail Shaft and Dry Dock Surveys are overdue now. Spanish Authorities recommend vessel to have anchor chain changed. Built in 1972, this tug is classed as Local Spanish Sea Going Tug. It's engine is a 2200 bhp MWM mod. TBRHS 345 AU with a single screw having controllable pitch. Recent maintenance has been performed on the tug - see Technical Details. Location: West Africa

EUR 85,000
(USD 94,444)
200119-VA 1571 bhp Offshore Supply and Support Vessel

Available from March 2020, subject to contract. This Supply and Support Vessel has 2 x GUASCOR SF 480 TA-SP for total power of 1571 bhp. The vessel has both bow and stern thrusters. Clear deck space is 62 m2 (74 yd2). Class Society and Notation is RINA Unrestricted. Vessel is next due for dry dock in July 2020. Location: West Africa

USD 2,051,000
(USD 2,051,000)
200118-VA 3150 bhp Offshore Supply and Support Vessel

Available from March 2020, subject to contract. Built in 2004 and refurbished in 2006, this Offshore Supply and Support Vessel has 2 x Caterpillar 3512 with total 3150 bhp (2349 kW). The vessel has max speed of 11 knots and cruising speed of 9 knots. Accommodation are available for 50 persons. Location: West Africia

USD 2,565,000
(USD 2,565,000)
200117-VA 330 Tonnes Offshore Supply and Support Vessel

This Offshore Supply and Support Vessel is classed to operate up to 200 miles offshore. The vessel has a load capacity of 330 long tons and 2 x Cummins KTA 38MO engines. All certificates are up to date. Reported to be in very good condition. Last dry dock Feb 2019. EEP Certified for 75 persons. Location: United States East Coast

USD 2,052,000
(USD 2,052,000)
200115-VA 2400 bhp Offshore Crew Boat

Built in 1981 and refurbished in 2005, this 2400 bhp quad-screw Offshore Crew Boat can transport up to 50 persons including the crew. Accommodations are available for 6 persons in 3 cabins. Stern fitted for platform boat landings. The boat has cruising speed of 21 knots. The boat has clear deck space of 102 m2 (122 yd2). It is under contract until the end of February 2020 plus 90 days option. Owners ready to deliver with fresh RINA Class and Dry Dock. Location: East Mediterranean.

EUR 561,000
(USD 623,333)
200110-VO 4,800 hp Twin Screw Ocean Tug

The Offshore, Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel has 2 x A.B.C. 8 DZC engines with total power of 3570 kW (4,800 hp). It has 2 sets of controllable pitch propeller, in fixed nozzle with 2 streamlined double plate Rudders and bow and stern thrusters each with 400 kW (536 hp). The tug has a cruising range of 25 days at an 80% load. Accommodations are available for 24 persons in 4 cabins for 1, 3 cabins for 2, 2 cabins for 4 and 1 cabin for 6. Location: West Mediterranean

For charter
200109-VO 2820 hp Twin Screw Ocean Tug

Built in 1980 in the United Kingdom, the Twin Screw Ocean Tug has 2 x Ruston 6RKCM engines for total power if 2820 hp. The tug's bollard pull is approx. 42.5 tons measured in 2005. Available deck area is 40 m2 (47.8 yds2) with load capacity of 40 tons. The vessel has accommodations for 10 persons in 6 cabins. Location: Europe

EUR 830,000
(USD 922,222)
191114-VA 6390 hp Offshore Supply and Support Vessel

Built in 2008 in Spain, this Offshore Supply and Support Vessel has a Classification and Notation of RINA Tug Supply Unrest. The vessel has clear deck surface of 170.1 m2 (203 yd2) with a capacity of 204 tonnes (225 tons). There is a stretch crane 6.75 t at 3 m – 2.16 t at 11.9 m for moving cargo and another crane for the rescue boat. Location: Mediterranean

For Charter
191113-VA 2028 hp Twin Screw Diving Support Vessel

This vessel is a multi-purpose installation and support vessel with dynamic positioning system. The vessel can be used for sub-sea installation and recovery/construction, inspection maintenance and repair, towage, full survey capabilities and diver support. The vessel has accommodations for 15 persons including WCs & shower, cabins, mess and galley. Location: Europe

For Charter
191112-VN 1,000 hp Twin Screw Coastal Towing Tug

The tug has two Cummins KTA19-M3 for total power of 1000 hp with twin screw propulsion. It's maximum speed is 8 knots and has a bollard pull of 10 tons. Accommodations include single and double cabins for 6 persons. Tug can be purchased as part of a package which includes a 8ms Clamshell Dredge, 2 hopper barges and this tug. See listing for the packageLocation: Carribbean

USD 950,000
(USD 950,000)
191109-VA 2836 hp Twin Screw Offshore Supply Vessel

Built in 1982 in Russia, this vessel's next Drydock is scheduled for April 2021 and next Annual Survey will be in July 2020. The deck cargo area is 309 m2 (3,326-ft2) and can handle 600 tons of cargo. It has a sea endurance of 14 days and accommodation for 18 persons in 7 cabins. Location: Caspian Sea

USD 1,031,000
(USD 1,031,000)
191105-VS 1002 hp Rapid Response Fire/Rescue Boat

NEW - Kept Under Shelter. Built in 2018 in Turkey, this boat has total power of 1002 bhp for maximum speeds of 40 knots. The engine simultaneously powers the waterjets and the fire pumps.  Location: East Mediterranean

EUR 1,620,000
(USD 1,800,000)
191103-VW 700 hp 12 passenger Twin Screw Crew Boat

Built in 2003 in Singapore, this Twin Screw Crew Boat was last dry docked in 2017. Its Class and Notation is Light Ship Fast Pilot Boat & Sheltered Area. Its maximum speed is 17 knots. The boat handles 12 passengers + 2 crew and accommodations for 2 persons. Location: Middle East

USD 265,000
(USD 265,000)
191102-VA 7107 hp Twin Screw Offshore Supply Vessel

This Offshore Supply and Support Vessel has a large aft deck with 907m2 of cargo area and can carry 2900-tonnes of cargo. The vessel has one EHSC starboard crane for moving cargo. The vessel was built in 1992 in Norway. Next SS & DD will be in February 2021. Next Annual Survey is February 2020. Location: Europe

EUR 2,560,000
(USD 2,844,444)
191029-VN 1199 hp Twin Screw General Purpose Towing Tug

Built in 2009 and upgraded in 2016, this tug is classed to operate 60 miles from a safe haven (SCV Code Cat 2 60 nm offshore). Owners could deliver her with new IACS class against an €85,000 higher price tag. Vessel currently operating but could be made available for delivery end 2019. Also available for charter.  Location: United Kingdom Coast

EUR 740,000
(USD 822,222)
191024-VS 250hp 34 knot Fast Rescue Boat

The FRSQ 700 combines a fully planning design with a deep V hull and an inboard diesel engine with waterjet propulsion. The hull is strengthened by a system of longitudinal bulkheads and transversal stiffeners and on the outside of the hull there are four spray rails, two on each side of the keel. The keel is longer in the direction of the bow providing a “split bow” effect for excellent maneuvering stability.  Location: Mediterranean

EUR 82,500
(USD 91,667)
191021-VA 1,000 hp Offshore Supply Standby Vessel

This 1,000 hp Offshore Supply Standby Vessel was built in 1973 in Germany and was rebuilt in 1982 in Norway. It's Classification Society and Notation is New Zealand Pleasure Vessel. Current Owners purchased the Vessel for reconverting into a Luxury Pleasure Vessel. Due to other obligations, they have not managed to conclude their project.  Flag: St. Vincent & the Grenadines - Location: North Europe

EUR 270,000
(USD 300,000)
191017-VO 1360 hp Offshore Supply and Support Vessel

Built by Richards Shipbuilders Great Yarmouth, UK in 1980 (major conversion in 1996), the vessel is suitable for antipollution, rescue and guard duties and offshore support. With large fuel tanks capacity and pumping equipment, it can be used as bunkering barge. Location: South America

USD 475,000
(USD 475,000)
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